Why digital marketing is more effective than traditional marketing?

Currently, we are living in a digital world where everything completely digitalized, so we have to keep updated ourselves about current trends about digital Marketing immediately.

Traditional marketing

Traditional marketing is a type of advertisement and promotion which earlier days business used to market their product or services. Different forms of traditional marketing include as follows:

  • Newspaper
  • Television
  • Radio
  • Flyers, pamphlets, brochures
  • Billboards
  • Magazine ads

The main goal of digital marketing is promotion, Through that able to get more exposure and response for products or services. Digital marketing includes different digital channels such as search engine optimization, social media marketing, email marketing, Search engine marketing and designing websites to promote the brand/ service as well to generate sales.

Digital Marketing Advantages Higher than Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing and digital marketing has its own perks. In this current trend, digital marketing occupies the first position compared to traditional marketing without any doubt. The percentage of business investing money in digital forms ads than traditional forms of ads. some Digital marketing advantages are mentioned below

1. Comparatively Low Cost:

Advertising and marketing play a vital role in any business. Digital marketing is affordable for whether you own startups or a leading company. With a minimum investment, we can subscribe to an email marketing provider and send emails to thousands of customers. While on the other hand traditional marketing through the newspaper, television and other such media ads cost a lot. Where we have to spend lakh for a piece of advertisement

2.Higher Return On Investment

Return on investment is most important for any company or business. Through digital marketing, we can expect a high return with a small budget. Whether it is an email marketing or running advertising campaigns on social media platforms, it’s always cost-effective when compared to traditional marketing techniques.

3.Brand Development:

Every business with an intention for branding and lead generation, it is very important for the company to be visible and available for the target audience. A company reaches its visibility through a brand awareness campaign. Always digital marketing gains important. A well-developed website, a high-quality blog and useful articles, a social media channel, are some of the ways by which a business can create brand awareness. Unlike traditional marketing, you can consistently build the image of your company and whenever you want

4. More Interactive

The most expensive way of traditional marketing is through newspapers it may be informative but not interactive. After reading a newspaper people can discuss among them but there won’t be any engagements. Your ad will reach millions of people but businesses cant target their potential customers. But in digital marketing with the help of different channels where the business can target their audience and interact with them easily.


In the case of the traditional form of marketing device, it is not always possible to cover a certain area or population or just focus on one part of the population and ignore the rest. As opposed to this, online marketing has the ability to reach out to the whole world or you can even set your specific target audience accordingly. In the case of digital marketing, you can retarget the audience based on their likings and preferences.

6. Trackable

With traditional
marketing accurately measuring your marketing efforts, tracking each penny that you spend, it becomes very easy and quick to gauge the success rate of an ad campaign. You can instantly see which strategy is working and which isn’t through Google Analytics, inbound traffic, conversion rate, interested audience, bounce rate, and profit.

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