Baby apps are the one-stop solution for all parenthood. Parents will go through a lot of stress in this stage in order to lift up fit and steady children. Here are Top 4 baby apps that will lessen the pressure and make the parent’s job easier.

1. Feed Baby :

It is one of the useful apps for motherhood which will allow the user to track their feeding time and diapers change. Feed Baby helps the mother to track diapers and whether the baby is supplied enough food through breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding plays a vital role till 12 months since the nutrients get supplied only through that every motherhood should concentrate on it.

2. Cloud baby monitor :

cloud baby monitor is extraordinary compared to other applications that every newborn parent should own. It is difficult to monitor when the baby needs attention and the baby is awake.

This app will notify the parents by giving an alert. In addition, this app has features like music and two-way video talk highlights.

3. Sound Sleeper: Best white noise app for a baby:

The newborn baby won’t sleep properly till it complete 1 year of their life. By producing a white noise sound helps the baby to sleep peacefully.

This app comes with a basic free version with a lot of awesome features like a muted menu and white noise music that will never disturb the baby’s sleep.

It also has some beautiful features which will allow the parents to record the soothing song and monitor baby’s sleeping which will help the parents know about their baby’s sleeping style properly. Parents will struggle a lot with newborn baby’s since they don’t know the sleeping patterns of their baby so using white noise apps will make you sleep peacefully.

4. Kinedu :

As the newborn baby starts developing day by day many parents will not aware of what to teach them and how to improve their skills. Kinedu is one of the wonderful apps which teach parents exercises in the form of video every day to simulate their newborn and help them improve their motor, sensory, cognitive, linguistic skills.

These top 4 baby apps that will lessen the pressure and make the parent’s job easier.

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